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Call it the basic, foundation or beginner level of writing an essay, but this format is indeed the first step towards writing of college essays. They are even used as an introductory level when writing a thesis. The 5 Paragraph essay has certain nick names like 3 Tier Essay, 1-3-1 (One three one) and the most comical Hamburger Essay. The limit of this paragraph is usually less than 2000 words. The reason is simple behind all the granted names; its format has 3 structures which go like this:

Introduction: 1st Paragraph
Continuation: 2nd, 3rd and 4th Paragraph
Conclusion: 5th Paragraph

But this may seem simple when writing at a school level, but when writing a College Essay, its requirements are totally different. It must be kept in mind that when you are writing College Essays, especially the 5 Paragraph Essay, everything must be concluded in the 5 paragraphs, and it also must be in the structured way as required by it. In short it’s a Road Map of your college essay. The following can explain what the 5 Paragraph Essay really means:

Topic of Discussion: - Pride and Prejudice: Critical Evaluation on Elizabeth

Introduction: Overview of the novel, its genre etc.

Narration: Giving the full background of the novel, like the year and the society of that time.

Affirmation: Giving positive points of the novel, as to its gaining popularity, relativity of the novel with the time.

Negation: Some logical facts that contradict the true motive of the story like “Elizabeth may have married the richest man of the country, but in that time such marriages almost never happened thus the story has flaws”.

Conclusion: Are you in favor, or against the topic. Support the essay with other quotes from professional writers. Make the connection of your college essay with the thesis.

The first paragraph should be “grabbing enough” that the reader wants to continue reading the college essay like a clever comment, attention grabbing illustration etc. The continuation paragraph should contain strong favoritism and weak arguments so you can support your college essay; and the conclusion should remind the reader as to why this topic was chosen in the first place and end it with strong argument, along with the summary of the entire essay. Quoting remarks and statements from professionals and other writers can give strong marks to your essay.

This format can be used to write Persuasive, Argumentative; Compare and Contrast essays.

Even though this type of college essay writing is favored by many, but there are some who sit in the opposition party. Favoritism for this college essay format is because it teaches the students to write in a compact format, and be more logical, and gain analytical thinking. In short “Shorter is better”. Those who say nay to it also have a strong reason. College Essay writing is about freedom, creativity and exploration of things. The 5 paragraph essay doesn’t seem good enough for College Essays. The reason lies in restriction and conservation. The opponents say that this type of format would only lead to repetition of the essay.

No matter the reason, it’s still used for practicing writing analytical college essays, so happy writing.

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The 5-Paragraph Essay

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This article was published on 2011/03/08