How To Write Good Essay In Less Than An Hour

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If you want to know how to write good essay then you should follow the given below tips, it is aa comprehensive guideline for the beginners who want to write good essays in the first attempt.

Tips for writing good essay

Scanning essay question:

Analyzing an essay question is not so difficult all you need to do is to be relaxed at first then read the essay question carefully. You will understand it in the first place but if it has twist and turns then you might want to read it again, in this way, read it again and again if you are not able to fully understand the concept behind the essay question.


You can start your essay in any way you like but it is recommended that it contains all the elements of a perfect introduction otherwise it will ruin your essay, essential elements of an introduction are introduction to the topic, thesis statement, points that will be discussed in the body of writing a good essay.

There are two ways normally which are used for writing an essay introduction and they are:

Starting in a general style

Directly introducing the core issue

Now, its up to you which way you would prefer, now lets have a look on the argumentative section of an introduction of good essay writing.

Argumentative area of an introduction:

Argumentative section generally comes in the end of the introduction where student provide his own viewpoint about the problem that is if he agrees or disagrees with the statement, they also provide alternative viewpoint to support his viewpoint.

Background information:

You should have a thorough knowledge about the topic because it is a crucial aspect of essay writing, after background writing you should provide evidences and facts to support your claim but make sure whatever evidence you are using is authentic and reliable otherwise it can create problem for you.

Summarize the evidences:

This should be illustrated in the end of the body of an essay where you will provide a short summary of all the evidence you used while writing the essay.


Conclusion is as important as the introduction, here you will be summarizing all the important points that you have discussed in the essay, you can make it more effective by restating your argument in a concise form.


There are many ways for documenting all the sources you have used, such as MLA, APA, and Harvard etc. In order to determine which referencing style would be better for your essay, you should consult your instructor. Also, make sure that you fully adhere to the rules of citation otherwise your work would be counted under the heading of plagiarism which would be much shameful for you.

Hence, writing a good essay is no way difficult but it is not very easy as well, you have to take into consideration many points before writing a good essay which mostly include a proper format, topic selection, thesis statement etc. In short, every element is important in writing a good essay; if you will miss a single one then you wont be able to craft a good essay.
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How To Write Good Essay In Less Than An Hour

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This article was published on 2010/12/13