How To Write Critical Lens Essay?

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When students are assigned to write critical lens essay they have to put a lot of efforts in to their literary skills because it demands critically analyzing the perspective statement to demonstrate the valid interpretation of the critical lens essay. The statement in critical lens essay is the main aspect where you have to interpret it with your clever writing skills; furthermore, you will have to provide a supportive stance for the agreement or disagreement about the statement by leaning on the reference taken from literary elements.

If you are finding difficulty in searching for the literary elements then here we are providing you with some of them to focus on while writing critical lens essays.

Thirteen literary elements for critical lens essay

2-Difference of opinion
3-Language of numbers
11-Point of view

Once, you are done with the literary elements you can easily cope with the writing difficulties of critical lens essay. Now, lets discuss the critical lens essay in the light of the following statement.

To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else.
-Bernadette Devlin
The Price of my Soul (1969)

Following is the suggested structure for you to write an effective critical lens essay in the light of the above told statement.


The introduction should be according to the following steps

First step: Writing the statement

Write down the quote in the blank space left in the following sentence
According to the famous writer Bernadette Devlin.

Second step: Interpretation

What do you think the quote is all about? Describe is some sentences what does the quote means. The interpretation is not so difficult; it means that in order to get something big you have to give up many small things.

Third step: Statement against or in favor of

Obviously, it is a common practice that people lose so much for just one obsession, so here you can put your vote in favor of the quote.

Fourth step: Thesis statement

Here you would be incorporating at least two literary works that you would be using to prove that your interpretation about the statement was correct.

Body Paragraphs:

As you will be incorporating two literary works in the essay, you can discuss them separately in two paragraphs.

First paragraph:

Here refer to the first literary work and to support it use at least two literary elements.

Second paragraph:

As mentioned above, refer to the second literary work along with the literary elements to support your position.


The conclusion of your critical lens essay should comprise of the following things:

Restate the quote with the name of the person who delivered the quote.
Short summary of the re-interpretation of the quote
Tell the readers that both the authors you chose for the literary works consist of the points that helps prove or disapprove the quote.
Write the main essence of the essay in short.

Hence, if you will follow the above told critical lens essay structure then you would surely be able to cope with problems about critical lens essay.
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How To Write Critical Lens Essay?

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